At Scenitech, we specialized in the creation of personalized escape room that reaches your goal, whether it is to manage your company, to promote the launch of a new product, to train a team or simply to tell a story the way you see it.
We create experience of immersive gamming, unique and originals.

Scenario, enigma, technologies, decors, we identify your need and we guide you in the achievement of you project. Finally, we offer a personalized support in order to test and calibrate the game experience by your side. We offer you all the key to be prepared for any issue and insure the resetting of the game.

We offer you a package of services to allow you create easily a company:
  • Scriptwriting
  • Puzzle development
  • Production of accessories and electronic device
  • Video installation
  • Media management
  • Installation of your rooms
  • Web development
  • Training of your team