Scenitech allows you to enjoy, for each of your event, our stage services including the lighting, as the audio, as the audio-visual and the stage direction.

We give full service from the creation to the implementation in public whether it is for a company event, a concert, a convention, a show, an exhibition or any party.


The lighting is an important visual aspect for every event and can really make the difference to make your event unforgettable and appreciate by all. We handle the conception, the installation, the management during the show, the creation of technical documents and the programming on console.


A show, a concert or a private event? We can take care of the whole audio aspect during your event including the installation, the rehearsals, live mixing and the audio and scenic management. We also offer you technical monitoring on tour and help with your permanent installations.

Technical management

Our team is with you in every step of the planning, according to what you need and your finances, to coordinate the event from start to finish. It removes all stress of your shoulders so you can really enjoy your event, knowing that everything will be alright.