Module 1 : Camera blocking


One of the most important competences directors should understand is to direct a camera in a dynamic and attractive way. Learn with us the precise language of the cinematic movement and how to direct your camera and the elements of your stage in order to enrich your story. This lesson will give you advices to direct your camera, do your visuals and technical choices, order your stage and show you how to direct accurately and efficiently any team to accomplish your mission.

Duration: 2 days

Module 2 : Video editing


During this training, we will show you how we edit exactly a project from an empty timeline to its broadcasting. Combining all the elements of production including sequencing, sound, animated graphics and compositing, we share our cleverness, technics and theories to optimize your results for any project.

Duration: 2 days

Module 3 : grandma2


This 2-day practical training is perfect for the technicians and beginners’ programmers to grandma2 but with experiences with others lighting desk. The training is given with 6 students maximum with 2 persons per console. Subjects that we will see including the Setup console, the management of the spotlight and pressets, sequences programs, the edit of the effects and the application.

Duration: 2 days

Module 4 : Lighting setup


The objective of this training is to create an easy lighting installation in all types of contexts and be able to exploit it, with security for people and goods. The idea is to respond to an accurate installation request in different contexts (artistic, events…), apply it and ensure its functioning.

Duration: 3 days